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The Brief

How did Sunset+Vine pick up the project when the Crufts international dog show ended its partnership with the BBC and the Kennel Club needed to look for a home elsewhere?

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The how

Our first job was to find a new broadcaster which we did in Channel 4. We then set about refreshing coverage for a new audience and demographic, with a love of dogs at the heart of our output.

On screen talent was the key here as we put together a mix of dog experts and seasoned broadcasters in the commentary box, a much-loved and talented presenter in the studio and energetic and inquisitive reporters all around the show. And as the number of broadcast hours grew we introduced live coverage from the main show ring to capture the high energy of events like agility and flyball.

The Impact

Since Crufts partnered with Channel 4 the number of broadcast hours has grown exponentially over the years as ratings have risen. It has led to a new deal through to 2025. And our social output both ahead of the show and at showtime has helped massively to raise awareness for both the Kennel Club and Channel 4.

Credit Roll

Executive Producer
Gary Franses

Production Executive
Diana Keen

Live Director
Daniel Hudson

Social/Digital Lead
Will Godsiff


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