BT Sport Football

The only independent producer of Premier League and Europa League football in the UK

The brief

When you have the Premier League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League rights, how do you ensure your coverage is as premium and creative as the football on the pitch?

UEFA Europa League Matches a season
weekend Premier League Matches
cameras at every match
midweek Premier League Matches
european Highlights Shows
hours of Premier League coverage

The how

Our first task was to make sure the best club football in the world felt like it had been on BT Sport forever. We did so by replicating the technical standards stipulated by the Premier League and UEFA, while introducing a dynamic look and feel to the presentation and analysis around games.

Each week this approach provided excitement from the start of the build-up, through peerless match coverage to forensic post-match reaction. All made possible by a world-class production team, finger-on-the-pulse editorial and the game’s most vocal, informed and - most-importantly - credible, pundits.

The Impact

BT became the home of European football in the UK as well as a major broadcaster of the Premier League. Sunset+Vine developed a format and style that took viewers closer to the action and brought the biggest moments in the game into viewers’ homes from the heart of the action.

Credit Roll

Jamie Oakford

Sam Trusty

Production Manager
Natalie Crabtree

Technical Producer
Jack Payne


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